We provide the service "Assistance in filling out a visa application form" to an arriving passenger when obtaining a visa at the consular office of the airport.

Thanks to our service, you will reduce the time spent, which will speed up the receipt of a visa.

The cost of this service is 40 BYN (for one arriving passenger)

The service price includes:

• filling out a visa application form according to the documents provided by the Customer;

• extract of the insurance policy (if necessary);

• preparation of additional documents for submission to the consular office (filling out a migration card, providing copies of the travel agreement, payment documents);

•transfer of the completed visa application form and the required package of documents to the arriving passenger upon arrival at the airport;

To order the service, you must contact the specialists by phone, e-mail, or fill out an application.


E-mail: bronirovanie@airport.by